Thursday, 5 April 2012

Top Five Picks from the Urban Outfitters Sale

Urban Outfitters always seems to have a sale of some sort, but never has it been THIS good. The fab fashion store (and my personal favourite) has announced a mid-season Easter sale, so with four days off work to browse the online catalogue and with up to 50% off it would be a crime not to.

Here are my favourite five sale items from Women's Clothing:
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1. Sessun Doyle Jumbo Cord Shorts
Was £110.00
Now £40.00

Cord shorts are a must have for any season. They're particularly flattering, as they're high waisted and come together with a matching brown belt. 

To view this product online, please click here.

2. BDG Fishermans Cardigan
Was £45.00
Now £30.00

Perfect for keeping warm on a chilly spring day, this chunky knit cardigan can be thrown on with pretty much any outfit. Available in both coral and navy.

To view this product online, please click here.

3. Sparkle & Fade Open Back Blazer
Was £68.00
Now £30.00

I was particularly drawn to this blazer due to the unusual detail at the back. The triangular cut out detail with the collar-less V-neck, turns a simple black blazer into a must have item.

To view this product online, please click here.

4. Pins & Needles Floral `90s Dress
Was £52.00
Now £25.00

I have a theory that florals will never go out of fashion. I'm determined to keep the trend going for as long as possible. What makes this different to other floral dresses is the unusual mesh lace detail on the back. Great for spring/summer, but autumn and winter too (if warn with a cardi and tights of course).

To view this product online, please click here.

5. Polka Dot Bow Necklace
Was £28.00
Now £10.00

Ideal for jazzing up any plain top or making an outfit smarter instead of necklace.  Bow + polka dots = ultimate girly accessory. 

To view this product online, please click here.

The trouble with making blog posts like this, is that I now want to buy all five!

There are lots more great sale items to pick from. To see the full list, click here.

Happy Easter Shopping!



  1. Urban Outfitters <3 I looove that bow! x

  2. loving that floral dress! I recently got a similar one at a thrift store for a steal. such a great style!

    found the route

  3. just found your blog from a friends page and i LOVE it hun!
    wanna follow eachother?


  4. Thanks guys! So many bargains on the website at the mo! Tempted to hand this post out as my birthday list!

    Follows done!