Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Five of the Best Primark Shoes for Summer

So it seems that Primark have some gorgeous new shoes in store for summer. Starting at just £6 they're an absolute steal!

1. Pretty pink swede bow flats - £6
I'm a sucker for bows, so these were an absolute must. Love the gold detail and soft swede material. My only concern was that they might get grubby easily, but they seem quite easy to clean and may just have to be saved for special occasions. 

 2. Floral chunky heels - £14
The perfect shoe in my eyes. Combining florals AND a bow. What more could a girl want.

3. Spotted wedge - £16
Brilliant shoe for summer. Cork wedges not only look nice, but are usually far more comfortable than any other heel, as the pressure is spread across the whole of the shoe and so can be warn all day without foot pain (don't quote me on that one!) And of course you can't go wrong with polka dots.

4. Navy bow sandals - £6
These caught my eye as they can be dressed both up and down. Ideal for summer holidays in the evening when you can't take the pain of heels. The swede material and cute gold heels create a smarter look. Also available in nude, polka dots and floral. 

5. Tribal sandals - £12 
Finally, these multi-coloured leather sandals fit perfectly to this season's tribal trend. Ideal for festival wear.

After promising myself I wasn't going to spend any money, I couldn't resist and ended up giving in, buying numbers 1 and 4. What did I say - I'm a sucker for bows!

Which are your favourites?



  1. I want No. 1 so bad! Is there a Primark in Cants yet?! x

  2. They're so cute aren't they! Don't really look like Primark either. Nopes afraid not :( I got them from the Southend branch. Nearest is Maidstone I think. Canterbury needs a Primark! x